Did I read that you can freeze eggs?

First of all I haven't done this yet. I was checking it out because I'm overrun with quail eggs. It's handy to crack the eggs open into ice trays. I think it said to stick a toothpick through the eggs, but not sure. Freeze. Put into zip lock bags for later use. Sounds good to me.

I used to freeze eggs all the time. We raised racoons for the DNR and their baby formular calls for egg yolks. We would seperate the eggs into freezer zip-loc bags and freeze them. They last about 4-6 months.
i had read to crack them into a ice cube tray and use a fork to scramble slightly. Use in baking or cooking but not good for scrambled eggs. I would think a large or ex large egg may be too big for most trays but I dont see why you couldnt do several in a bag, like 2 or 3 perfect for cake making.
Google is your friend.

I crack a dozen eggs into the food processor, add 1 tsp salt and pulse a few times. Portion them into 6 small zip lock bags lay them flat on a cookie sheet that is placed in the freezer. Next day place small bags into a larger freezer bag and return to freezer. When needed I thaw in fridge, good to cook with and good as scrambled. The salt makes a big difference.
I happened to be reading my new copy of Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving today and this is what it says about freezing eggs...

"Select eggs as fresh as possible. Wash eggs in clear water; break each egg separately into a small bowl; examine eggs by smell and appearance for spoilage before mixing with other eggs. Whole: Gently mix the whites and the yolks without forming air bubbles by putting them through a sieve or collander. Pack eggs into plastic freezer jars or plastic freezer containers leaving 1/2 inch headspace. Seal, label and freeze. Yolks: Gently mix the yolks without forming air bubbles. To each 6 yolks add 1 teaspoon sugar or 1/2 teaspoon salt to reduce coagulation. Pack same as whole eggs. Whites: Gently mix whites without forming air bubbles. Pack same as whole eggs. Measuring: Use these measurements for frozen eggs: 3 tablespoons whole egg=1 egg, 2 tablespoons egg white=1 egg white, 1 tablespoon egg yolk= 1 egg yolk.

I love my Blue Book. I recently began canning and I've learned so much from it. Hope this helps.

Wait about 2 more months and then come to my coop. You can get them prefrozen. No effort required.

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