Did I screw up?

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11 Years
Nov 8, 2008
I put a broody hen in a large dog crate with 2 inches of shavings. I put them under her on saturday and just realized that they were being covered by the shavings and the hen. They were not warm nor were cold. I took a good bit of shavings out then I put some straw under the eggs. Do you think they will be fine? or did I screw up?
just watch to see if she is sitting on them, give her a day or two after changing things on her, if she is truly broody, she'll sit.

Best of luck
Two inches of nearly anything in the bottom of a dog crate may not be enough. The hen will naturally squirm and scratch to create a nest depression, and with only two inches shes going to be on the bottom pretty quick.


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