Did my chick just crow????!!!


8 Years
Apr 16, 2011
Johnstown Pa
I picked her up to move her into a different brooder and she flew out of my hand into the brooder (well she made herself fall out basically)
and she looked mad... She leaned her head back and let this craaaaaaaaaaa kinda thing out. Sounding just like a roosters crow but instead of a coc a doodle dooooo it was like a long cocccc..... Was it a crow or was she just screaming at me to relive stress??
By the was she is straight run but her comb isnt as big as the other ones that i think are boys and hers is definitely not as red!
Thanks for your help!
Maybe it was. Happens occasionally. Isn't it funny? I had one from Speckledhen do that on the day it got here, but then it stopped. I guess it turned out to be the only cockerel in the bunch.

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