Did MyPetChicken.Com Mess Up My Order?

Discussion in 'Chicken Breeders & Hatcheries' started by rosyposyosy, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. rosyposyosy

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    Jul 11, 2007
    i went in on in order with somebody - havent seen the chicks quite yet but she will be sending me a pic and when she does i will post it. together we ordered:

    7 austrolops

    4 partridge plymouth rocks

    4 white plymouth rocks

    1 jersey giant (ROO!)

    1 cuckoo maran (the one i am getting)

    anyways, she siad that she got 18 chicks instead of 17. she says that there are 4 yellow, 2 black/white, 6 chipmunk, 6 brown?

    i am almost sure that the 4 yellow are the white rocks. i am completely confused with the rest! she even asked on mypetchicken.com that they do something distinctive to tell the cuckoo maran from the others!
  2. Bubba

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    Jun 18, 2007
    Regardless I hope you live close to her, you don't want to send a 3 day old chick through the mail....

    Australorps are usually black and white, with some white stripping on the head. Once you post pics it will make it SO much easier to identify them, I guess ill wait till then.


    PS From what you said it looks like they might have messed your order up. The pics will be the determining factor, maybe the girl can't tell brown from black or the chipmunk color is BLACK and WHITE haha. If the chipmunks are the australorps then they are still off on one count hrm.... bah
  3. MyPerfectChicken

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    Jul 19, 2007
    umm as for the cuckoo maran i'm know they have white legs... but i don't know if thats what mypetchicken was talking about when they said do something distinctive for it... i'm still knew in the whole chicken thing (moms fault i even got into it [​IMG] ) but i hope i helped [​IMG]
  4. Chickfever

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    Jul 22, 2007
    Southwest VA
    Honestly, I couldn't really tell you one chick from another since I'm new to chicks (could possibly muddle my way through with adults....) but I found these pics online....maybe you could send your friend here and she can tell you if they look like this..... http://pets.webshots.com/album/81812633Itomnj

    , at the main bottom of this page are pics of Partridge Rock & White Rock chicks -http://www.feathersite.com/Poultry/CGP/Rocks/BRKRocks.html

    Couple of Jersey Giant chicks at bottom - http://www.feathersite.com/Poultry/CGD/BJG/BRKBJGs.html

    of Australorps at bottom - http://www.feathersite.com/Poultry/CGA/Lorps/BRKLorps.html

    this helps!!
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  5. Napalongtail

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    Jan 31, 2007
    NE Washington
    ok the 4 whites would be your white rocks, the six brown are your partrige rocks,the 2 black and white if they have white legs would be cuckoo marans, and if dark legged would be australorps, as for chipmunking well I would say you definately got something you didn't order. The Jersey giant, ausies and the marans all should have been mostly black with a bit of yellow to them.
  6. rosyposyosy

    rosyposyosy Songster

    Jul 11, 2007
    ok... so she emailed mypetchicken...

    she ordered

    7 austrolops

    4 partridge rocks

    4 white rocks

    1 jersey giant male

    and my cuckoo maran chick

    like i said she got 4 yellow, 2 black/white, 6 chipmunk and 6 brown. mypetchicken.com said that they sent an extra white rock.

    i think that she got:

    6 americaunas

    4 white rock

    6 partridge rocks

    1 jersey giant

    1 cuckoo maran...

    so i think they messed up telling her as welll... because if they sent an extra rock, their would be 5 yelow chicks.

    also, they sent 6 americaunas to replace 7 austrolops?

    i think they sent 2 extra PARTRIDGE rocks...

    am i doing this correctly?
  7. rosyposyosy

    rosyposyosy Songster

    Jul 11, 2007
    thanks for the help guys, thanks for the pics, thanks for the info about leg color (i didnt know you could tell as chicks) and trust me bubba, although she lives 90 miles away she is driving (I GOT A GOOD DEAL LOL) but we are pretty much waiting until she is a little over a week old. not that we dont think its capable, but vacation... and then she has a vacation too... (her mom is taking care of the chicks for a while)

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