Did something CATCH Matilda, or is she going broody?

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    This morning I discovered I was not as great a Keeper Of Chickens as I thought I was: Matilda is missing half of her tail feathers. I mean, the right half, just like that - the left half of that wonderful tail is still there and flares nicely. There's just no matching right side of tailfeathers to complete the look. She's also puffing way up and making that "leave me the heck alone everybody" chittering sound. She was gobbling down the morning BOSS treats I toss out for everybody, but if anybody got close to her, she puffed WAY up and sounded really angry.

    Just like Buffy did when she was broody on her clutch in the nest box. But this is in the run...

    AND I realized I don't think I've seen Matilda for the past few days. Oh, lordy, what a horrible Chicken Mom I am! I've been SO focussed on Buffy and my GrandChick, the integration of four "teen" pullets, and enjoying the sight of my free range chickens who've made it all the way around to my front yard... that I never even noticed Matilda hasn't been amongst them. [​IMG]

    And now she's doing that puffed up, broody chittering sound thing. My FIRST thought was, oh NO! Something GOT her and she's escaped at the expense of some tailfeathers!


    Anybody want to offer some theories of what may be going on with my Black Australorp, Matilda?
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