Did you get anything chicken related for Christmas?


9 Years
Aug 13, 2010
Ottawa, ON Canada
Well I received the Chicken Magazine, didn't even know there was one. Also as a joke a Lego chicken coop with chicken, farmer, coop etc. Also my son and daughter in law had a picture of one of the chickens they had taken to the vets while we were away on holiday that their dog got and is like new today "Ebony" made into postage stamps. what a great idea. A nice mug that says my pets give make me breakfast and a BYC calendar from here of course. Such nice chicken things.
My husband went into Pier One, sales clerk asked him if she could help him, "show me anything with chickens on it". She went to the back, brought out a hand-woven rug, it has a rooster on it. It's about 3x6, and thick, looks great on my kitchen floor! I just smile everytime I see it! Best of all it was on sale for $16.00 close-out, originally $60.00!!
He has gotten me at least one chicken related item each year for Christmas!
Ted is a keeper! theresa
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Every year each of us get a new Xmas oranament for the xmas tree...this year I picked a rooster oranament....actually my DW saw it and said..."here, why even bother looking any more. You know you'll end up getting this one" hahahahahaha
Not for Christmas, but my birthday (December 28th) a rooster charm for my Chamila braclet. Now if hubby can find the beehive or queen bee charm my braclet will be complete with my animals.
Honestly, as much as I love chickens, you'd think I would get chicken items for Christmas or my bday, or mothers day, lol! My hubby's kind of clueless, even after 15 years, and you can't blame the kids. They always make me homemade cards, which I love. I usually get chicken stuff for myself. Found a really cute rooster windchime on clearance.
OP- please post pics. Those sound like very neat gifts!
For the first time in just about FOREVER, I did not. But I am not unhappy about considering the gifts I DID get. A gorgeous ring, a purse I have wanted, the Kindle Fire, and all five grandkids in one place at the same time.

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