Didn't realize egg laying would change hen personalities!

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6 Years
May 20, 2013
Monticello, MN
Our hens are friendly, but keep their distance for the most part. They will come to you if you have treats, they don't like being grabbed. If you can catch them, they do like being held and pet, but not for long. When I clean the run/coop, they normally free-range and do their henley thing. We don't interact much at that time.

Our BO started laying a few days ago and I noticed that she has been friendlier. Yesterday I was sitting on a chair in the sun watching them pick and play. I dozed off and woke to Buffy in my lap wanting pets?!? What the heck? I obliged her and then she hopped down and went back with the rest of the girls.

Today I went out to check for an egg (only Buffy is laying). I let the girls out to free range. No egg, so I decided to clean up the run and coop. I started scooping poo and Buffy hopped back in the run and was clucking at me. I opened up the coop and went to scoop out the poop board. Buffy ran up the ramp and stepped in front of me. She kept pacing back and forth, rubbing on me like a cat! She was making this purring/whirring noise. I stopped scooping and gave her some pets and scratches under the wing and on her keel. She would NOT leave me alone, so I took her out of the coop and put her on the ground of the run. She squawked and hopped on the shelf in the run where I keep the treats. She stood on it and picked at my jeans while I finished with the coop.

I have NEVER seen her this lovey and needy. It's kind of cool, but it also freaks me out because it's like she was replaced by a different hen! Is this normal for hens after they start laying?
This perfectly explains my chickens, however a week or so before they started laying I had 3 that became extremely mean. And I mean it lol they became mean enough that I was thinking fried chicken was going to be happening soon.
I almost expect it anymore, even if they weren't that tame before, a little while after they start to lay they get friendlier. Ones that were already friendly get even friendlier. They also will often get noisy and cranky or wilder / spookier a few weeks before they start laying. Assume it is their hormones acting up.
Yes after mine started laying they calmed back down. They either acted the same as before their hormone spike or get really nice
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