differance in an australorp and black orpington

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    I was in tractor supply tonight & was flipping thru a book on chicken breeds. It said that austalorps have also been known as black orpingtons. They are 2 different breeds tho, correct? I've never seen a black orpington myself, do they also have the greenish purple highlights in their feathers? What other differences is there?
  2. They are definitely two different breeds, so it kind of puzzles me that a piece of literature wouldn't make the distinction. Although it's my belief that the Australorp was developed from the Orpington, they aren't the same thing. [​IMG] They both are black with green sheen, but I'm pretty sure Black Orp hens are much rounder than Australops. For example, below is my Black Australorp, Addy, and Buff Orpington, Rodan.
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    The genuine breeds are similar but in the end quite different. They do share some genetics - Australorps were developed from Orpingtons - hence the name, Austra-Lorp, or Australian Orpington. But due to outcrossing and different standards they are no longer the same breed.

    A show quality Orpington will look drastically different from a show quality Australorp. Examples (photos not mine):

    English style Orpington

    American style (or possibly low quality English) Orpington


    That said, the hatchery quality versions of the breeds will look pretty similar. All Orpingtons from hatcheries will be production type (which will look like a pretty low quality American - very little fluff compared to the English birds). Australorps will be very similar to this, probably even a bit skinnier. That said, I'm not sure if any hatcheries are even carrying Black Orpingtons yet.
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