Difference between chicks vent and umbilical cord?


10 Years
Oct 6, 2009
Hi Everyone!
I'm a real newbie when it comes to raising chicks- you see my parents have pet bantams, and a chicken hatched 3 eggs yesterday. She has two healthy chicks but has abandoned 1 chick- it looks a bit sickly, it cannot walk too properly, almost as if it is bending backwards. Whats really worrying me, is the baby could have a pasty vent or umbilical cord? i really don't know how to tell! the 'vent' lies almost between its legs (on its tummy you could say), was covered with a black substance, which i removed with some warm water- only to find a red soft round large mound underneath. Could someone please advice me! I really want this chick to survive!!!
That was the umbilical cord or area where the egg sac was absorbed. The vent is located underneath the tail on the back end of the chicken.

Keep the chick warm, don't mess with the area where the yolk sac has absorbed. You also might want to try adding some electrolytes to the chicks water to see if that will help it perk up some.

My fingers are crossed for you and your little chick!
Thank You So Much!

I Feel much better now- i was really worried!

One more thing- the chick is now 2days old almost- forgive my ignorance, but when can i expect it to poo?
It hasn't done one yet and i'm worried that it could be related to the umbilical cord?

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