Difference between Guinea hen and rooster?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by SamJacobbe, Apr 17, 2012.

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    Awhile ago my family had gotten a pair of Guinea chicks. They were adorable and sweet and are now full grown. It has been two years since we got them and we always wondered why there were never chicks or setting done. Now we are starting to wonder if we either got two females, as in no fertility, or two males, as in no hens for eggs.

    We can't tell the difference between the male and females, so we are unsure if they are two boys, or two girls, or something else is wrong. Can someone please post pictures and a detailed summary of how to tell the difference if you only have one gender to compare them to? Please it would help so much.
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    i think theres a section on here just for guinea's and it would probley be best to ask in that section and to also add pics of them (full body) for those who own them to have a look and maybe be able to help you better than we chicken people ;) lol
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    A good friend of mine almost always has guineas. She says that there is no way to tell if you have hens or cocks until you start getting eggs. I think the girls make a different call than the males also.
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    Guinea hens will make the very distinct "buck-wheat" call while the Guinea cocks make a "chi-chi" call. The hens can make the "chi-chi" call but the males can't make the "buck-wheat" call
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    Countrygrrl....YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!!! I just recently found this out. A friend had got us started with a couple keets, and as they got older, I of course didn't know which was which, and they both made the same noise. But what was the noise??? buckwheat?, buckwheat?, chi-chi?, chi-chi?...who knows, all sounded the same. I went to get more, and instantly realized I had 2 males. When you hear the females holler BUCKWHEAT, BUCKWHEAT, there is no denying it, and you're right that the females ALSO make the male chi-chi noise, but the males CAN'T make the female noise. Put it in a way that females make a 2 syllable noise, males only 1. Like I said, once you hear it, you'll definitely know, I sure did.
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