Differences between Jersey Giant and Austrolorp? Update: They're JG


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I've got some chicks here (1 in particular) that were in my MPC rainbow layers assortment. The one in particular is definitely a roo (which is okay considering I got 26 instead of 25), and he is way bigger than any other chick.

So I'm a total idiot when it comes to distinguishing black chicks, and was wondering what is the ONE THING that you can tell the difference between the two? They are about 3 weeks old.
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Jersey Giants have yellow bottoms.And we have some JG kids about a month old and they are larger already than my 10 week old heavy breed chicks(BR RIW etc) they are getting ready to move to the 14 week olds pasture since they are closer in size to them than anything else we have right now-to give you an idea of just how large they are as chicks
These will be 4 weeks old on Monday, and the one little roo is by far the biggest. But the others are SLW, white and brown leghorns, and dominiques, plus the ones that I'm not sure if they're austrolorps or jerseys. But this one is definitely bigger than the others. I'm not a very good judge, I normally have only bantams, or small LF (like OEG size). I got these for my dad, and I'm just curious as to what I got

ETA: Reread your post, and mine is not as big as yours are! So maybe they are austrolorps, I need to go check their feet
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Well, after the foot check, I finally know what they are. Big fella is a JG, and the girls probably are as well. The one that I checked (of the girls) had feet that were kind of yellow, but very light. But they were still yellow. Thanks guys
We really like the Giants they are big but very calm.I know..our kids are so big I swear you can see them growing as you watch..big beautiful-well some a few are still feathering goobers. Unfortunately for a few of our late spring roos they are in the dinner pen now.
Oh the down side is they don't lay a very large egg-mostly a larger medium size...they should lay en emu sized one
That's what I'd thought I heard, the egg-laying thing. So we probably won't be keeping any of them unfortunately. My dad is very stoked about the leghorns though, goofy man! He is always saying 'I've never had leghorns, and never will!' but now that we have some, he's like 'they are real good layers, lay an egg every day.'
But we have a while to wait, I'm not planning on getting rid of any of these until spring, once I can see how they turn out and all.

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