Differences in hatching Bantam eggs

Nope, do it all exactly the same.
Not necessarily. My d'Uccles usually hatch in 19 days, but I've had several other breeds hatch in 21 days just like large fowl...
so is lockdown for silkies bantam less then if they hatch on 19 days?

with the larger chickens you lockdown for 3 days so should i be locking down at 17 days for the bantams?
I have always lockddown my bantams at 18 days and they start hatching the next day. I just had 34 hatch the last one hatched late last night at 21 days, 5 hatched at 19 days and 28 hatched at 20 days. Throughout the early AM on into the late PM of course. I was so happy 100% hatch, after I tossed 8 at day 10 that were clear. I removed the 33 chicks yesterday as they needed room, and left the lone egg in the bator with no pip.

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