Different ages, no eggs!!!!

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    Please help me!! I have 17 chickens total... In one coop/run, I have two roos. With them, I have 12 hens 3 are around 20 months old and started laying in December a year ago, 4 are 15 months old and started laying in Jan of this year).. All of them were laying until around August when they went through a molt... I also have four golden comets and 1 new hampshire, all 31 1/2 weeks... In the other playhouse coop and run, I have 1 delaware roo with two bantam x's and they are 33 weeks old as well... The ONLY one to have given me ANY eggs was the new hampshire.. About two weeks ago, I noticed the roosting bar in the playhouse coop was not allowing all of them to roost (although it was long enough) and one of my bantams was on the ground of the playhouse at night.. To alleviate this, I put my new hampshire in the large run/coop.. I got one more egg and nothing since! I have one semi-aggressive roo (but VERY protective) and the other roo with them is more docile, does not try to mount the girls, always being chased away from the girls by the primary roo and because the primary roo bullied him until i got more girls, don't even crow correctly.. He's actually pretty sad sounding... There is no fighting outside of the occasional pecking order pecks.. I went ahead and put the new hampshire back in the smaller playhouse coop in hopes she will start laying again... Why are my older girls not laying anymore? They are not sick and they are fed and given water everyday.. I understand the younger girls not laying because of their age.. Although, the golden comets SHOULD have started laying by now!!!!!! We do have dogs in the neighborhood so my chickens don't get to free range unless under strict supervision.. There is absolutely NO chance of hiding eggs.. And the dogs in the neighborhood don't bother them while they are in the run.. I've tried the cayenne.. Nope... Nadda, ZIP! HELP!!!!! I'll be hooking up a light in the coop again for the winter but any other suggestions??? Thanks!!

    ETA: They are squatting and MOST of them have red combs and wattles!

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