Different Breed Development


6 Years
Sep 18, 2013
Hi Everyone!

I am just wondering if different breeds develop at different rates in the incubator?
We have silver laced wyandottes and black australorps in there at the moment.
I candled at day 7 and the slw were completely iridescent, showing no signs of development. At that same time, the australorps were definately showing the air sac and veins. It made me think the slw were not fertile.
However, I candled again today and the slw are showing a sort of air sac, but it's not circular. It looks very different to the others.
So I am wondering if they are just developing at a slower rate, or whether they might actually still be infertile, and just doing something strange!

Have you seen any sign of a developing chick in any of the slw eggs? And what does the air cells look exactly? And what day are you on now?
It is day 11 now.
When I candled the first time on day 7, they were showing no signs of anything. Which made me think they were probably not fertile, but then yesterday, they were quite different. Not as iridescent, and most of them have this strange looking air sac at the top. It's not circular and in some of them it goes down the sides.
So I am glad I didn't take them out the first time.
Do you think it sounds like it could just be developing differently, or maybe they are rotting!!

Gosh I hate the 21 day wait!!

Thanks for your help
Can you take some pics of what you're seeing? It sounds like they have saddle shaped air cells. Were the eggs shipped?

I recently nearly got caught out by eggs that candled clear as water up until day 10. By day 14 I could see "something" in there, no veins or anything recognisable as an embryo though, so I left them (they were under a broody). A few days later when I candled the "something" grew, though I could still not see any veins. I honestly didn't know what to think, so again I left them. On day 19 I checked on the hen that was sitting on them and heard one of the eggs cheep. They all hatched over the following 2 days and the chicks are healthy and happy. I still have no idea why it looked like it did when I candled, but in future I will hang on to eggs I'm unsure about until day 14 at least and I won't toss them unless they smell off or show obvious signs of being off.

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