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Sep 10, 2019
I have a bunch of different chicken breeds, some of which I would like to breed. I only have 1 rooster but I have a silkie chick that I got from the famous bantam bin in TSC which has a rep for mostly having cockerels. I was wondering if I breed my white silkie with my silver laced wyandotte what would the coloration be? I have never breed my chickens help is appreciated.


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I can't predict that for a couple of reasons. Silkies are often not pure genetically for their colors, so there is a decent chance you have mixed genetics, some recessives might take the place of dominant genes in the offspring. So there is a chance you can get different looks in the chicks.

The other problem is that there are two different ways genetically to make a pure white chicken. If your white is based on Dominant White, it has a black base. Dominant White modifies base black feathers. So if it is based on Dominant White you will probably get white chicks if it is pure for black and Dominant White. If it is split where both genes at those gene pairs are not pure you could see other things but at least some should be white or maybe black.

If it is based on Recessive White, then you could get anything. Recessive White totally covers all colors to white, not like Dominant White which only modifies black feathers. Since it is a recessive gene both genes at that gene pair have to be Recessive White for it to have an effect. With your cross it won't be.

The only way to know for sure is to hatch some. They might be all white, they might be all black, they could really be about anything else.

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