different breeds lay different color eggs...what


6 Years
Aug 20, 2013
What color eggs do different breeds lay? I have Easter eggers...what color will their eggs likely be? What about rir? Isa browns? Buff orphingtons? Gold laced wyandotte? IV only one pullet laying..I'm notsure what one.
The eggs we find are brown...tiny..except the first one...it had a double yoke...they are getting bigger
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

Easter Eggers can lay any color from blue through green, khaki, cream and tan. Each individual hen will lay one color throughout her life. All the others lay brown eggs.

Google the Henderson Chicken Chart for good info on different breeds - including egg color.
Lol...aren't chickens fun...most of mine are quirky ...few are friendly...a couple are aggressive...but they require so little to give so much in return...mine go bananas over bread or corn bread...IV read no potato peelings or citrus fruits...why
Iv got three gold laced wyandottes and they are kinda bullies...not a big fan...I like the buff orphingtons...soft as silk..do the light Sussex lay pink eggs?
next spring I want some of them...some Delawares ...australorphs..maybe a couple Jersey giants..
Any other suggestions...I like docile birds...no pickaninnies

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