Different breeds/learning curves?


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Apr 13, 2011
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Hi, my girls(hopefully) have been together since I got them at one day old. they are all going on 6 weeks old now.
I got 6 white birds, was told they were a cross between a leghorn and a ???, and 6 reds, unknown if they are rir or new hampshire etc..
Anyway when they were still in the brooder the leghorns were always coming to my hand and they were the one to fly out when the lid was open. The reds were much more timid.
Now that they are in the coop the leghorns?? come right up to me when i come out, the reds are slowly getting more comfortable in slowly coming to me.
Last night when i checked on them all 6 leghorns?? were sleeping on the roost( they learned on there own) and only 1 red was up there.
Are reds more timid or slower to learn by nature? Are different breeds smarter than others?
Not sure if some breeds are smarter than others but our RIR is the most timid of our bunch, however we only have a BO and a BR. Our red seems to be at the bottom of the pecking order, maybe that will change as they get bigger, no idea.
my RIR hen is on the top of the pecking order she is out going always wants to know where i am and follow me arround. though i dont see her perching much but i dont go in there too late at night. just before dusk my hamburg hen will be the one to perch the highest up that she can go then its the EEs... and my older girls probably roost somewhere. LOL.... they are just last to do it cause they dont want to miss any of the treats. photo of my rir hen is on my byc page.

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