Different Breeds of Hatching Eggs

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    I have several breeds that have really stepped up laying in the last week. I have started the second incubator but I have already filled it with purchased goose eggs. I would like to see these beautiful eggs hatched so I am offering them as a buy it now. Please reply to which eggs you want and then PM me. I will combine shipping and believe I can get 2 dozen in a box. Shipping is $15.00 for the first dozen and an additional $7.00 for the second dozen.

    12 BBS Orpington hatching eggs from the English Percentage pen - $30.00
    The main rooster is from Joy Atkins stock and is a really large boy, there are additional hens straight from Joy's stock and then additional pullets from hatching last year, and the remaining hens are some of my largest American stock hens from a number of top quality breeders and my breeding them for several years. I have just added a young black rooster from last years hatch but I do not believe he is breeding yet. I don't know what the actual percentage of English blood but at least 50% on the birds from Joy.

    SOLD - 12 Barnevelder hatching eggs - $18.00
    My stock is from various breeder with the rooster being from Farmer Johann. I have been raising Barnevelder for several years and find them a beautiful, laid back breed.

    6 Lavender Orpington hatching eggs - $10.00
    My stock was originally from Hinkjc, with additional stock from crossing my Black Orpingtons to the original stock, and additional birds from Fancychick. These are pure Lavender and will hatch just lavender chicks.

    6 Blue Laced Red Wynadottes hatching eggs - $10.00
    Wynadottes are one of my newer breeds as I have only had them for a couple of years. The stock is from Foley & Penney lines.

    6 Mottled Javas hatching eggs - $10.00
    The Mottled Javas are from a breeder in Minnesota and selective breeding for several years with stock added from Fancychick last year. These are quite lovely birds and could use additional people preserving them.

    12 hatching eggs which will be a mixture of the above breeds and/or Americanas, White Orpingtons, & at least 4 eggs from the Golden Laced Orpington Project pen. $30.00 (sorry no choice of breeds)

    I will put sold next to the selection when sold & paid for. The first person to reply sold and paypal to [email protected] will get the selection. I plan on mailing the eggs on Monday March 19th.

    I bubble wrap each eggs and then double box. I have found that this gives the eggs a little added protection. I cannot guarantee your hatch rate. I only mail to within the United States excluding Alaska, & Hawaii. Thank you for viewing and have a wonderful day.
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    I would like the 12 Barnevelder hatching eggs - $18.00 Did you know that Farmer Johann passed away. So sad.
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    Apr 18, 2007
    Yes, I belong to the Barnevelder yahoo group and I saw that he had passed. He was very nice when I purchased eggs from him and certainly his Barnevelders are premium.

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