Different colors of the same breed - same characteristics?


May 21, 2015
Phoenix, AZ
In looking at various options for chicken breeds, at times it seems as if different colors may be almost different breeds. Should I expect that lavender or jubilee Orpingtons will generally have the same sweet dispositions attributed to buff Orpingtons? Do white or partridge Plymouth Rocks have similar laying characteristics as their barred sisters? Obviously there is variation among individuals within a breed anyway, but are different colors any different in other ways?

I'm especially interested in the Orpingtons as the buff sound like a good starter bird, but there are some mottled orps available locally and I'm considering maintaining a black and white theme for all the pets at my house, just for fun. :D

Michael OShay

5 Years
May 14, 2014
Particular breeds generally have similar temperament traits and lay rates no matter what color variety they are of that breed. Lavender and Jubilee Orpingtons generally have the same friendly and calm disposition that Buff Orpingtons do, and White and Partridge Pymouth Rocks typically have about the same lay rate as Barred Plymouth Rocks. Probably the most notable exceptions are White Leghorns. While the various color-feathered Leghorns are usually very good layers, they will not match the best laying strains of White Leghorns which have been selectively bred to be laying machines.

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