Different development rates?


Mar 16, 2020
Western Pa
Quick question...my girls are all the same age. Is it unusual for one to develop more quickly? They all seem to be developing at different rates. (I.e. theyare all 4 at different stages of reddening and waddle development.)
Oh good! Thank you! I figured it was probably the case, but my husband keeps saying she's a roo, look how red she is! Lol! We have 4 different shades in 4 different hens!
You can post pics of their combs with ages and have folks take a guess to be sure. Have you tried tgat?
They are all only 14 weeks! But, she's always been a bit ahead. Her comb is the same size as the others, hen like, just redder.
Hmm, heres mine at 14 weeks. And it was a super hot day also. Mine are darker but not too red yet.


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