Different duck sizes?


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Aug 6, 2008
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Can you keep Large appleyard ducks with little Call ducks. I have three 6month old Applyard ducks and one drake, and someone gave me two 6month old female Call ducks. Can I keep them together or will my Appleyards trample the Calls to death. My four current ducks already run over my chickens whenever the chickens get in ducks way. They just keep walking as if they don't even acknowledge the existence of chickens. My friends baby Muscovy ducklings escaped the barn the other day and my ducks almmost killed them by running them over ten times cause the ducklings were following them and my ducks were terrified of them. When are ducks full grown size? Are my Appleyards at 6months full grown, and are 6month old Call ducks done growing? I just don't want my little Calls getting hurt and I also don't want to stress my weirdo Appleyards out as they seem to be afraid of everything that is smaller than them that quacks! The wild mallards that landed in my yard to swim in the duck pool almost made my ducks run through a fence!!


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Apr 2, 2008
Hmmm...I don't have any appleyards but I have 3 full grown runners in my call duck aviary. These guys were ducklings together, they were added to the aviary when the only other ducks were 3 calls. I have had ducklings in there and the runners would hase them about a bit for pecking order type stuff - but they never seriously hurt any of them.

I think it would really depend on the size of your pen and whether or not they had places to hide out from each other. Mine aviary is all natural with tall grass and fallen trees - if someone is in a bad mood the others just go hide out for a while.

At 6 months your calls are full gorwn, though not fully mature.

Right now I have 9 call ducks and 3 runners in a 35x45 aviary. The runners won't be there much longer as I have 3 pairs of mandarins and a wood duck pair coming to take their place, but the size seems just about right at the moment.

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