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    Sep 11, 2013

    The two eggs on the right were laid by my red Sexlink. I have a speckled Sussex who is about to lay. The red Sexlink has been laying an egg a day for the last week. She just started laying. Yesterday we got no egg. Early this morning I checked the egg boxes and the egg on the left was in a laying box. There is a significant difference in size and color. Do you think the left egg and right eggs are from different hens??? I also have a black Sexlink and a welsummer. I know that The new egg on left is not a welsummer egg and the welsummer is not yet laying. Is there a way to determine which egg is from which hen???
  2. I have a feeling that one of the hens who hasn't started laying, just started. The best way is to see her lay it.. You could also try to identify by breed's egg color..
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