Different kinds of feeders

I have never used the little round one but I have used the long skinny one that looks like that and some of the things I didn't like about it where the chicks like to roost and climb on it and in the process they'd leave some poo in there and It wasn't fun to clean. I use the 12 pounds hanging feeders , they hold more and chicks can't climb on them as easy, you can buy one at your feed store for around $20 .

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I found if I filled the jar up, screwed on the base and put it down, in a short time there was food scattered everywhere. So I stopped filling the jar, just filled the dish part and screwed the jar on to keep the little buggers from standing on the thing. I refilled the base several times a day. That worked for 4 chicks but wouldnt be practical for a large number of birds or if you couldn't refill as needed. I wouldn't choose that style if buying again.
I have that very one and am using it currently. It works pretty well for my six buff Orphingtons. They are now five weeks old and on the verge of outgrowing its capacity. I did end up adding wood to the base for added height as the girls grew. As they have gotten older they have developed a habit of jumping/flying up and sitting on top of the mason jars bottom. I also have a similar setup for water which is plastic and also uses a quart mason jar. Trouble with that one is they just trash it. I have to clean out the pine chips at least twice a day, more so now that they are getting their real feathers and are trying their wings. I'll put pics on if I can figure out how.
I see, I was worried about them kicking it out too emrys... I guess I'll have to buy the biggers ones as I have heard many people say they work a lot better then the smaller ones. I guess saving money doesnt always work.
Thanks for the opinions guys
How many chicks are you raising? I've used the long tray feeders for large numbers of chicks, like when I raised 50. I've used the smaller plastic version of the jar feeder when I was just raising a few chicks.

I always have chick food and water elevated, too. I use an assortment of things underneath, so that the surface of the food and water is at the level of the shortest chick's back. I have to change what I'm using, as the chicks grow. Otherwise, they waste more food and the water is dirtier. There's always going to be some waste with chicks, until they are both smarter about eating and outside foraging for part of the day.

You can attach a cone shaped object to the top of the jars, to keep them from perching on top. Funnels work or just rolling a piece of paper into the shape of a cone and taping it on might do it. Those chicks look like they are ready to get out of there and go exploring!
I would be using them about 25 chicks at the most. I have a few seperate brooders so I am looking for a few feeders that are not huge. I have heard mixed opinions about the long feeders, about them perching on top and stuff.

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