Different Reactions To Snow

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Oregon Blues, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Oregon Blues

    Oregon Blues Overrun With Chickens

    Apr 14, 2011
    Central Oregon
    We've got a pretty serious snow storm going on right now. It's interesting how the different breeds react differently.

    The geese ignore it. They haven't even been inside their shelters. The Pekins were following in the trails made by the geese, but I could see where they had slept inside.

    The Blue Swedish went about 3 feet outside their covered night run this morning and waited, inpatient and complaining, for me to finish feeding the rabbits and as soon as I was done, they rushed back inside. There are no footprints in the snow in their day run. They don't want anything to do with it.

    The Appleyards rushed out, chattering with excitement. They were plowing the snow with their noses and rolling in the snow. It only took them about 5 minutes to flatten every inch of snow in their day run.

    Of course, the Appleyards are built like little bulldozers and they just power their way through the snow. They are their own snow plows.
  2. srpaint

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    Apr 12, 2011
    That is funny. My ducks here don't mind the snow at all!!
  3. Ilovemyduckies

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    Feb 21, 2012
    Haha, my ducks will do that too. I doesn't matter how deep the snow is. With in two days, there is no trace of the snow.
  4. Miss Lydia

    Miss Lydia Loving this country life Premium Member

    I would have loved to see the appleyards plowing through the snow. sounds so cute.

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