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    Nov 16, 2010
    I have 2 hens brooding 2 sets of eggs,4 each. They have been setting about 2 wks. now. Last night I candled them and they look like some are more advanced than others. Should I try to move them so the more advanced ones are under one or just leave them be.
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    If all the eggs started at the same time, it does not matter. The ones that are going to hatch will hatch about the same time and the rest won't hatch.

    If they started a few days apart, then you have a decision to make. Hens will occasionally steal eggs to add them to their clutch, but I have not seen that very often. From what I've seen, it is pretty unlikely that they would each steal an egg from each other at the same time so each keeps four eggs. If they started a few days apart and you trust your candling skills enough, you can try switching them around, but realize you may be making a mistake. It is purely your call and how much you trust yourself and what you are seeing.

    What I do suggest is to mark the eggs differently so you can tell which eggs belong to which broody. If you take a Sharpie and make a single circle around one set, then make two circles around the other set, you can instantly tell where the eggs belong.

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