~Different To The Roots~ The Rp (Role Play)

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  1. Scientists took you from your family. They inject you with many many poisons to see the result. Some will survive the horrible tests and others will not. You have to escape for your own survival. Will you make it out or will be used for the humans tests?

    Because of all the tests you have survived you have become a shifter. Your veins surge with the chemicals in your blood, you are a rare type of shifter. Unlike many shifters you have the ability to turn into multiple animals, all the animals in the world. While others can only shift into one in a lifetime.


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  2. Name: Anna
    Gender: Female
    Age(13-25): 13 years old
    Personality: Shy,friendly,submissive,stern
    Family: none
    History: To be rped
    Other:blonde hair, blue eyes,has freckles on face

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