different types of hay to feed goats and rabbits

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    Can someone post pictures of alfalfa hay and timothy. I know what grass hay looks like. There is a big debate on which hay to feed goats.And which one really gives the boys stones. What i do here. I feed different types and alternate them.
    I have bought some 2nd cut hay for horses. It is really green. But it has alot of stems. They seam not to really like the stems to much. But they will pick it over the 1st cut hay.
    And this goes for rabbits also. When i talk to one rabbit breeder. they tell me no hay just pellets and wheat straw for ruffage.... I dont believe in this method. As i am a rabbit breeder and show them also.
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    I don't have any photos but google could find you lots of em.

    Timothy is a type of grass hay -- so if you can recognize grass hay you can recognize timothy [​IMG] It has long bottlebrush-like flowers.

    If the hay is really green but really stemmy it is almost certainly alfalfa. Look at the fine sort of dusty stuff that falls out of the flake -- that would be the remnants of the leaves -- try to find a leaf or leaves that are still recognizeable. If you see what looks like three long ovals attached together, that's for SURE alfalfa.

    Good luck,

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    Aug 7, 2007
    near ottawa ontario
    Thanks. Is alfalfa ok for goats.I give it to them about every 2 to 3 days.
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    I feed alfalfa hay almost exclusively to my does.

    Edited to add: I didn't mean that to sound as if they have nothing else in their diet. They get grain, browse, and occasional treats, but alfalfa is pretty much the only hay they eat. I do have some bermuda that I feed a little of every day, but mostly alfalfa.
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    Quote:Our Vet gets sething mad when talking about all the silly stuff people feed rabbits! Its almost amusing. But he has told me, and given me reports that he has copied for us regarding rabbit diets. Pellets are not great, but adequate when nothing better can be offered. Timothy Hay. That is what he says. Just plain Timothy Hay. Well, I cant just feed that, I am and enabler and a coddler. My furry ones have all the Timothy hay they can stand, burrow in, and waste. Then they get a small amount of pellets every day, and 3 carrots each, plus what ever type of healthy leafy gren is either on sale, or that I can get for free from my local grocer. (not iceburg! Romaine, kale or spinach)

    My Male Rabbit is 8-9 years old, and never had a single health issue, except when he was being accidentally fed a piece of bread every day (my SO didnt know better, and neither did I!) and it gave him a nasty 'Poo Ball'! [​IMG]

    So, IMHO, Timothy Hay, and other stuff as treats. (NOT Alfalfa hay, thats not good for rabbits, in abundance)

    Good Luck!

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