Difficult integration almost complete!!!!!

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    I have a batch of big birds--8 brown chickens, one giant cochin, one white silkie, one black sexlink all born in the spring/early summer. They get along great. In late august, I bought 9 EE's, kept them in the house for a while, then screened off part of the coop so they could eyeball each other for a while. Slowly been letting the little ones out wiht the big ones, but it was all hair teeth and eyeballs for a couple of days........and then I just gave up trying to make it all pleasant for them and let them duke it out. Tonight I went in the coop to check for hair, teeth or eyeballs and there were all the babies--up on the roost! YAY! They are catching on! Finally! My worry has been for naught! So happy to have this over with before the snow flies (had secret plan to keep EE's in the garage over the winter, but husband would not approve!). So now I have my own little united nations out there--and everyone getting along. Making nice. My nice chookies.
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    Congrats on the integration. Sometimes it seems like it will never be then all of a sudden something seems to click in them and they all get along.

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