dig-proof "skirt" material


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Apr 14, 2009
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When you're making a dig-under-prevention "skirt" -- like people make hardware cloth in a L shape at the base of the run

Is there any reason that *has* to be made of hardware cloth?? Regular fence, such as welded wire would prevent a raccoon from digging in, right? Who cares if his paws will reach through the holes so long as he can't squeeze his body through - me thinks.

Reason I ask is because hardware cloth is pricy and I would have to buy it new, while I already have a bunch of welded wire fence that I got on the cheap.
Yup, anything smaller than 4x4 (as long as it is heavy gauge and galvanized) is fine. Honestly I don't use hardwarecloth for run fencing either, mine is all either 1x1 heavy gauge mesh, or 2x4 or chainlink that has something finer run along the inside on the bottom 2-3'.

Good luck, have fun,


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