Digging for bones in Canton, Ga area

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    (I hope this is not an inappropriate post; I'm just trying everyplace I can think of to find the information I need since I can not travel to the area right now.)
    I am attempting to find someone who is related to my children's mother, Iris Brown Cockrell Ross. We were divorced about 30 years ago and I lost all contact with her family. Her grandparents were Clyde Masburn and Annie Gertrude (Flippen) Crook. Iris was their daughter's, Edna Hortense "Tess" Brown Rosser's oldest child. All of them are now deceased. I had custody of my 3 children and am now attempting to gather information for my children on her side of the family. I have heard that a daughter of Tess's sister, Joan Allen (deceased), could help me but I have no idea where she is or what her name may be now.
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    I can't help you with specifics on your family, but thought I'd tell you that I recently started building a family tree for my children at a free web site, myheritage.com and when I put in the information I had on my ex-husband's parents, it indicated a match with another family tree. I was able to request membership in that family site and could then see what they had. It might be worthwhile to enter in the information you have just to see if you get a match.

    Good luck.
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    blossom hen, I had forgotten about the Heritage site and the fact that I joined it several years ago. I took your suggestion, and guess what--I found her great-great-grandparents and their descendants listed with dates! I have sent an e-mail to the person who posted it as a lot was listed as private, so I am hoping they will be willing to share info which will give me a lot of details. Thanks for such a fruitful suggestion.

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