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    Ok, so I bought the clip lamp, heat bulb and dimmer switch. How do make the dimmer switch inline on the heat lamp? Please help. [​IMG][/IMG]
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    You would need an enclosure in which to house the dimmer switch, splicing it into the hot side of the wiring to the lamp. For what it's worth, it is easier to manage the heat for the cage where the chicks will be by raising and lowering the lamp itself.

    I took a couple of pieces of wood (2x4 in this case) and tacked them together so that the lamp would not tip them over when it was clamped to them. I positioned it over the cage and watched the behavior of the chicks. If they clump under the lamp, it is too far away so they are cold. If they are scattered away from the lamp, it is too close and they are too warm.

    There some guidelines for the temperatures for the chicks. I kept mine in my shop that is heated so the lamp did not need to do much work. For the wire crate in the picture, hang some cardboard around the sides to keep the heat in the crate. If it is left open, you will be trying to heat the entire room.

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