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    So here is the deal I have a hen that freeranges and she has gone broody.So me seeing a chance to maybe hatch some chicks and let her take care of them for a change I bought 6 hatching eggs of choice and took 6 of my own eggs out of my breeding pen and placed under her which was the same amount she had chosen to set on .So after a few days she came off the nest to eat and drink so I decided to take a peak I found the eggs to be dirty and when I say dirty I mean dirty.It appears that 1 eggs had gotten broke and that mixed with what appears to be poo is covering the other eggs.So with that being said ya think these will hatch or should I try to clean them I really dont want to handle them and fight her at the same time and take a chance on breakage or maybe messing her up in some way.oh yeah the nest box she choose was a very clean dry spot inside the barn.
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    My broody broke an egg (well, I think it was the roos fault) in the 1st week. I didn't wash the other eggs and all that were fertile did hatch. Good luck!
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    My silkie chicken sat on dirty eggs that the rooster pooped on, I did not clean them and she hatched out all 9 eggs.
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    Thanks for the support [​IMG]

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