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    Jul 1, 2010
    Hello. I am new to this forum and only found it whilst looking for advice. I incubated some pekin duck eggs which hatched three weeks ago. One of the ducklings pipped in the middle of the egg and after 48 hours of growing steadily weaker, i managed to help him/her out of the shell. I noticed that his leg was twisted around his head in a very awkward position. He/she was very weak after hatching but has made good progress since then. The problem is that the duckling appears to be a little crooked in the back and is rather wobbly when walking. He/she falls over when trying to run but not over much. I also had another duckling which needed some help in hatching and although not as severe, is also a bit wobbly and falls over when trying to run. 5 other ducklings from this hatching are fine. My question is, could these ducklings be suffering from a vitamin deficiency or did they have trouble hatching because of these disabilities? I have the parents of these ducklings and they were rescued from slaughter. They were being bred for the table so I don't know what their early days were like or how they were kept. I will do my best for these little chaps and any advice on care and treatment would be much appreciated.

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    Often times variations in conditions in the incubator or genetic conditions in the parents can cause problems with the hatching. If they are eggs from your own ducks it is unlikely that the air cell detached, so pipping from the side may have left your duckling slightly air deprived, which could have lead to minor brain damage. Chicks and ducks can also suffer various deformities due to lack of ventilation in the incubator, high or low temperatures (causing a deceleration or acceleration in growth that leads them to not grow properly), and high or low humidity (low 'shrink wrapping' them when their bones are easily warped and high making it difficult to move in the egg, which can lead to strange positions while hatching and loooong pips that may never zip because they can't turn to break the shell).

    Of course, they are only three weeks old and ducklings are notoriously clumsy at young ages. Keep an eye on them and maybe provide them with a little extra vitamins or proteins in their diet.

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