Disappointed in our meat birds


12 Years
Mar 19, 2009
They’re the most common meat chicken, doesn’t mean they’re the best. My friend raised 7lb freedom rangers easily. I have raised both Cornish & freedom rangers in my 8 years of doing so, and I have seen the health of the Cornish vs FR and it’s a huge difference. With that being said, many people are trying to go back to the heritage breeds & not do production birds, like myself, and as fast growing as Cornish are, that’s why we don’t want to grow them. Your chickens that you raise yourself, despite being a breed that I personally don’t want to raise, are still so much healthier and happier than the ones in the stores, so I consider all of us lucky that we have the knack for raising our own meat like this :)
Depends on what you mean by best. Are they the best breed for all chicken raisers? No. If by best you mean the most meat, in the shortest amount of time, on the least feed per pound of gain they are. Nothing else comes close. That is assuming they are properly fed and housed and you don't try to make them into something they are not. There is a reason just about all the chickens you find in the store are Cornish X.

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