Disaster! All 12 eggs had runny liquid yolks!


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Oct 23, 2011
I am not sure what went wrong and can not find an answer. The yolks of the eggs were broken and runny inside of the shell. When the eggs were opened the contents poured out... Is that what they call "scrambled"?
Going to try again but don't want to make the same mistake.
I had the temperature and humidity at the correct levels.
Still air incubator.
Shipped eggs.

Anyone have any suggestions????
The scenario you describe can be caused by harsh handling during shipping or by early death of the embryo, especially if the yolk was off colored and grayish.
Day 21? Did you calibrate your thermometer(s) and hygrometer? Did your incubator have a fan? What temp did you run it at? What humidity? did you candle them before putting them in the bator? What kind of eggs? Did they smell when you opened them (smell like death.) Was there any blood in them at all? Have you ever incubated eggs before? If not, I'd recommend that you start with local eggs. Have you read all of "Hatching 101" in the learning center? I know these are a lot of questions, but the answers will help to determine what the issue is.
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All but 3 had embryos; all yolks very bright yellow but runny like water.
Oops... backwards... ONLY 3 had embryos.
Also noted huge air sacs nearly half the egg on some of them.
Yes I have done it before, but only once.
Still air incubator.
100.5 F
Day 10 not Day 21
Humidity around 50%
No bad smell.
No blood except in the 3 with tiny embryos.
Bantam eggs.

Think I got all your questions.
I would guess that, if your thermometer is accurate... (recommendation for still air is 101 - 102*) the eggs were scrambled by the PO or the majority of them were infertile. How was your previous hatch, and what was the source of your eggs? If you had a good hatch with local eggs, my guess is that it was shipping injury.
This sounds like the shipped eggs I tried to incubate earlier this year. Detached and saddled air cells. Clears and blood rings on most eggs when candled at Day 10. When I opened them up, several were exactly as you described. The yolk was broken and the contents poured out like they had been scrambled. This combination of symptoms is the result of rough handling during shipping. I suspect travel in the cargo hold of a depressurized plane also contributes to internal damage to the egg contents.

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