Disaster w/ hatching - PLEASE HELP!

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  1. champshowman_05

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    Aug 12, 2008
    First off...for anyone that provides suggestions or help - THANK YOU!!

    Well my story starts with the arrival of 22 Copper Black Marans eggs on July 18. I allowed them to settle and placed them in my incubator July 20. They were scheduled to hatch August 10 but due to complications (low temperature?) they didn't start hatching until the 11th. This afternoon (the 12th) I decided that the hatch had concluded and I removed the remaining eggs (non-pipped) from the incubator. I proceded to take them outside and began busting them to see how far they had developed. As it turns out one of the eggs I cracked had a live chick in it...UH OH...and to top it off I broke the membrane and blood spilled out. I ran back inside and placed him back in the incubator - it has been 6 hours and he's still alive. QUESTION: what do I need to do to make sure the chick gets out okay? The egg is completely open topped and the membrane is broken - how do I know when it's time to remove him from the shell? Also, if he makes it out alive - will he face problems in the future? Lastly, I have 5 other eggs in the incubator now - is there any chance that they'll hatch? THANKS SO MUCH for any HELP!!
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    Place a damp paper towel over the egg to keep the rest of the membrane from drying out and hardening.

    Cross your fingers, wait and hope.
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    Keep the humidity up and possibly put the chick on a wet towel around the egg. I personally don't discard eggs till day 25/26 due to late hatchers. If there was a lot of blood leaking out... it might not have the best chance since a chick has very very little blood to start out with. Perhaps a half teaspoon or so. Let the chick rest and give it at least another 24 hours before investigating/trying to help. When the chick is ready to hatch, the blood will go into the chick and leave the membrane. The yolk will asorb and it will start to move to get out. I would only intervene if you saw the chick slow down in movements or nearly stop moving.

    As for the other eggs, did you candle them? If they candle clear, or with big empty spaces, it probably is already gone. They can cool and still make it though if they were meant to in the first place.

    As for long term health, just may be a slow start to leg problems if the overall incubation ran low in temp.

    Best of luck![​IMG]
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    Oct 13, 2007
    Best of luck - I've been in a similar situation - yes with the wet paper towel/towel.
    You need to keep that membrane moist without drowning the chick.

    Its going to be a long night! [​IMG]
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    Aug 12, 2008
    Thanks so much for the wonderful help that has been provided! I just came back to the computer from squeezing a few drops of water on the membrance (I made sure it didn't enter his nostril) and placing a warm, damp papertowel on top of him. I sure hope he makes it - he doesn't seem distressed but merely like nothing has gone wrong - breathing and moving his beak from time to time. I also took the chicks that had hatched out of that bator and placed them in another in an effort to stop the pecking.

    I candled the eggs throughout incubation but they were so dark it was difficult to tell exactly what was going on. Also, they were expense, shipped eggs so I didn't want to throw out anything that might have a chance.

    When we took them out this afternoon we shook them (I realize that was a mistake) to give us an idea of the ones that had formed. Of the 19 that hadn't hatched only 6 didn't giggle - those went back in the incubator. Question - is there still a chance the others could hatch despite the circumstances (removed and shaken)? Thanks again!
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    I guess it would depend on how hard you shook the eggs. A gentle shake might not hurt them since they would be large and filling the egg. I wouldn't touch them at all for a few days though. Since the hatch is late anyway and this guy was obviously not ready yet, I think they need more time. As for the broken egg....I would wrap a damp paper towel all the way to his neck. Since his head sounds like it is out, you can just poke it out the top and that will keep him from drying out more. I can only imagine how hard candling was as dark as those eggs are!!! Good luck with the rest of them.

    Oh, and WELCOME to BYC!!!!!!
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    Here is a video I made of how I helped a chick out of his shell: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zl-_EwNqNOQ

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    I hope it helps
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    Quote:great advice couldnt have said it better and yes [​IMG] and we will keep our fingers crossed for ur lil one here [​IMG]:fl
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    That video was neat. Who sings that song? I love it.
  10. champshowman_05

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    Aug 12, 2008
    THANKS so much for all the wonderful help that was provided! Unfortunately the little fellow passed away sometime early this morning (before 6 am). I am planning to leave the other 5 eggs in the incubator and I'm hoping for a miracle. Thanks again!

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