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  1. [​IMG] My DH had one "rule" when he said yes to chickens.. That they would not roost/go on the children's playset..

    Well.. they are.. they are about 8 weeks old..give or take.. and have free run of the yard during the day with access to their coop and run at all times. Yet I find them roosting on the top part (the fort part) of the playset. I've already been out and scrubbed it clean a few times.. yet they keep going there.. :mad: I shoo them away any time they go near or I find them on it..

    Is there any way to keep them off the playset.. The part they are on is the fort part, that has a slide and other play things off of it. It is covered with a "Roof" and ncie and cozy.. I'd want to sit there too.. but they really can't. It is about 5 1/2 feet off the ground.

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    Why? My chickens roost on the playset. They aren't hurting anything. Or put a fence around the chickens area. My kidos love that their chocks play with them.
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    Well, you either got to fence them or the play set in. Not much more you can do.
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    Are they sleeping on the playset at night, or just flying up on it during the day?

    If they are sleeping on it at night, then just lock them in the coop for a few days to teach them "that's where they sleep".

    If they are soiling the playset during the day, then a fence may be your only option. You could build them a run/pen and only let them run around the whole yard when your there to watch or even just a few hours every day. If you limit their foraging time, they are more intent on finding food than finding a spot to rest or sightsee.

    Trimming wings will limit their flying ability, but since it is a child's playset, they would probably just find their way up the stairs.

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