disease or coincidence?

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    Aug 26, 2014
    Hello! I'm hoping someone can give me some input, I am new to chickens, 5 months and counting. I have a roomy coop with 8 birds right now and I am getting scared! About 4 weeks ago my beloved black copper maran began acting lethargic and suddenly died. I thought maybe it was just the otherworldly heat. Then about 2 weeks ago I had a black silkie in the same coop act like her leg didn't work then she died! Then sadly last week my blue copper maran suddenly died. Then this week now I have another bird acting lethargic and limping like it's leg is injured. I'm afraid she is on her way out too! Imagine my horror! I don't know what to do, if it's disease or coincidence. I'm desperate for guidance!
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    It's coincidence to lose a single bird but not coincidence to lose more than one in short order - especially with the same symptoms. Though this may be hard to hear, this is my best advice. Your recently ill bird will most likely go the same way as the others. The best thing to do is to take the bird, while it is ill and alive to the state poultry lab, have it humanely put down and a complete necropsy done. Then, AND ONLY THEN, will you know what the problem is so you can fight it.
    Otherwise you're speculating, wasting time and endangering your other birds as well as future birds.

    Another option is to contact the lab and find out how they want a dead bird prepared and shipped for necropsy, wait for it to die and ship it pronto.
    The fresher the bird (read that as alive), the more conclusive the necropsy results will be. That's why I suggest sacrificing a sick bird.
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    I definately think this is NOT coincidence. They only advice I can give is to search the symptoms. I have recently read a lot about coccidois (sp?) causing these symptoms. Your birds will need to be treated right away if you feel this could be what is going on. Good luck.
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    Treating for coccidiosis with Corid sure can't hurt. If they were mine, that's one of the things I'd do... I'd also de-worm with Safeguard liquid or paste.


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