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Jun 19, 2016
Hi. is there something we should be feeding the chickens for disease prevention? I just feel bad that I opened my coop and saw two dead and I have no idea why! They were fine yesterday! And are just 3 weeks old
Where do you live? That information would be critical for the correct answer.
Normally, starting with healthy birds, providing excellent ventilation, clean fresh water and fresh complete feed is all that is needed.
Meds are needed if you can't do the above.
Sanitary conditions and a clean, dry coop are very important to prevent worms and coccidiosis. Those usually should be enough, assuming the chickens have a clean diet (Preferably Organic chicken feed if that's available). Prevention is usually the cure to any disease.

In times of bacterial or yeast infection (sour crop) Apple Cider Vinegar can wipe out bacteria and yeast. Small amounts of Garlic every once in a while mixed with unsweetened yogurt can also help (I do this rarely...helps with sour crop a tiny bit)

What chicken breeds do you have? Certain breeds are more susceptible to disease than others.
I have broilers and layers. How do I mix the Apple cider ? Will it interfer with the antibiotics? The vet just came and gave them shots . Says they mixed their gomboro vaccine and that was the problem. This is my Ist batch of breeding and I pray it goes well!

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