Disease Resistance of Barred Rock

Are Barred Plymouth Rocks Disease Resistant?

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Hi! I am very new to chickens, and am wondering about the disease resistance of the barred plymouth rock breed. One review of them seemed to suggest that they were prone to Mareck's (which has a vaccine), but the rest didn't mention anything about its hardiness. Some websites seemed to suggest barred rocks were hardy, but others described them as not as disease tolerant as other breeds. I really like their cold resistance(I live in New England), feather patterns, and egg laying, but if they are not resistant to diseases, then I probably won't choose them. Does anyone have a definitive answer on their disease resistance and other, similar breeds? Thank you!
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I have both- Hatchery and Show Barred Rocks. They are pretty strong birds. Atleast not worst than any other breed. Only resistans to Marek is vaccine, or when you have once Mareck in your flock, some birds will never get it, their babies will be more resistent to this desease.Some say that babies from vaccinated birds are resistant also.
Overal Hatchery Rocks lay better, Show ones are meatier.

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