diseases transmitted from egg , im hatching from vator need vacinnes?


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Jun 6, 2010
Hi. I need to know wich disseases a egg can carry and if it can affect my other chickens that I already have, I was suspecting that its better to buy eggs rather than chiks to be sended from USA to Puerto Rico, I have success hatching but now im worried if these little babyes are carring any dissease. Shoul I vaccine, and when? im a rookie at this so i really do not know. In Puerto Rico almost no one vaccines chickens, But I want to do it the right way, I love them, they are my pets!!! Please help me !!! Any help will be appreciated
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Don't know if you should vaccinate Pollitollito. Sometimes vaccines have their own problems. It probably would be a good idea if you could keep these chicks separate from your other chickens until you are really reassured that all is well. I have not vaccinated and my chickens have been fine. Another thought is that you could try contacting whoever you got the eggs from and see if they have had any history with disease etc. to help you decide.

I don't know which diseases there are vaccines for that can be transmitted through eggs. I do know its a good idea to vaccinate for Mareks Disease only because its prevalent all over the US but it is not transmitted via egg. If Marek's is prevalent in Puerto Rico that is one vaccine I would recommend and it has to be given on their first day of life. Would you know how to vaccinate a day old chick (it can be tricky)? I wish I could help you more.
Oh thanks so much! yes I do know how to vaccinate well at least macaws and small birds, hope a chik is the same, MArecks is not at Puerto Rico yet, but avian flu and chicken pox are present. Thanks to all, keep informed of what I did

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