dish pan nest box


8 Years
Jul 9, 2011
Blue Ridge, TX
hello! My broody hen has been sitting on her eggs in a dishpan, because our nesting boxes are a rack system with dishpans. When I moved her to the little coop so she would not be disturbed, I just picked out the whole dish pan she was in, and carried it over there with her and the eggs still inside. She has

been faithfully sitting on them and they are due the Friday before Easter. do I need you take the eggs out of the dish pan for them to hatch or will they have enough room in the dish pan? She is a cochin and she sitting on 7 eggs. How do the baby chicks get out of the dish pan after they hatch? Will they get smushed in there? she is rarely leaving the nest. I am Not sure she will let me touch her eggs. this is my first time doing this so thanks for the advice.
I think they will be fine in there. If they don't come out after a day or so, you can always lift them out, or even add to the hay so they can jump down. Chicks will tolerate a much higher jump than that, like several feet..

The bin I use for broodies has a dip in one side, so they only have a short wall to walk over. Can you just cut out something like this? They wont be able to get back in for several days, anyway, unless you make some provision.

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