Dislocated hip, no avian vet - anything I can do?


14 Years
May 8, 2008
Tenino, WA
One of my EE girls - a tiny little thing - appears to have a dislocated hip. I was gone this past weekend and DH said she started limping. It's gotten worse...she hobbles around on it (right leg), mostly walking on her lower leg. She's still eating and drinking, and was flying up to sit on the top roost (about 4 feet off the ground). Judging from the wear on her back feathers, and seeing the roo breed her the other day, I think he accidentally did it during a mating.

I have moved her into a hospital pen with food, water and shelter, and another hen who was trying to go broody. The pen height is only 4 feet so she can't get up high and jump down on her bad leg. Is there anything I can do to put her hip back in? (It's been 6-7 days since the injury.) Will it heal? She still looks good, is perky and eating (and talking).

(Meanwhile, I'm rehoming the rooster...you can find him in the auction barn.)



10 Years
Mar 29, 2009
One of my Wellie hens broke her leg. I splinted it, wrapped it and kept her in a box in the house for 5 weeks. After 5 weeks I would put her in a pen outside so she could practice walking again so her leg got stronger.
She is out in general population now but walks with a bit of a limp. Otherwise she is fine and still lays eggs.

Maybe wrap the whole leg to the body. Tight but not too tight, so she can't move the leg. Keep her in a box for 5 weeks and then rehab her for walking.

Good Luck

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