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    Jun 3, 2015
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    Very long story short Chica was chased by a dog 3 weeks ago. Since she get a respiratory infection and is recovering... But still misses all food by 1/4 of and inch. Now Chica is 5 years old and I rescued her in the side if the street: she had avian pox and lost one eye. She also has only one valid leg. I know poor girl but she's been happy free in my yard and even raised two chicks!
    This is the weirdest thing. Chica is now almost fine... But I'll keep the antibiotics and anti inflammatory for the 10 days the vet prescribed. She eats the seeds I put right in front of her beak. She chased small bugs for hours and everytime I look at her she misses them by 1/4 of an inch. Same thing with seeds in the ground it grass she tries to eat. Now if course she only has one eye... But had been like this for 5 years and was a master at catching bugs! What could possible go wrong??? Plus she does not want to drink at all and tube feeding her is becoming more difficult! I just need to make sure she gets water and the meds... Is there another way without any risk for aspiration??? I may have made her beak site from holding her while setting the tube?
    Anybody has ever seen this?
    Thank you!!!

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