Displaced air cells to varying degrees-shipped eggs


10 Years
Apr 12, 2013
Pittsboro, NC
My eggs arrived today via USPS. They are a variety of LF chicken eggs-15. One was broken and I culled. The blastoderm vs blastodisc was so tiny, I had to get my "cheater" glasses and a magnifying glass to see. Appeared fertile. Here is my dilemma....Upon candeling...3 eggs appear to have ok air cells, another egg has no pointy end, is perfectly round. All but the 3 have varying degrees of displaced air cells or no air cell and "loose"/wiggly inside. I have set them in my basement and plan to leave for 22 hours. I have them pointy end down(I think) in a styrofoam egg carton with bottoms cut out. Do I lay the 3 eggs horizontal tomorrow?,,, but leave all the rest in carton and just tip each end 45 degrees? Do I leave them all in carton? The bator temp will be hotter at the top of the egg...is that ok? I raised my thermometers up. Do I still candle them to cull at 4-5 days??? Will I be able to accurately see if things are floaty?? Do I take them out of carton after 15days(some sources say to...others say leave in carton all 21days.?? How do they hatch upright??? All these questions will be keeping me awake. Any help is appreciated. Haven't hatched in 15 years. Incubator is Little Giant still air, with no turning device. Thanks, Lynn Marie
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