Divided nest boxes???


9 Years
May 12, 2010
Hudson, MA
SO the DH made some serious progress on the coop this weekend. He managed to build up the framework for the nest boxes, we plan to use dish pans for the actual boxes for egg laying. So our question is.....do we need to put dividers between the dishpans, or just leave it as 1 big nest box w/ 3 dishpans inside of it? What do you have in your coop???

Chicks are due to arrive this week!!! Yippee!!
Many people say that having more than one nest box is a waste, since small flocks tend to either crowd all into the same nest at the same time, or each bird lays in the same nest at slightly different times of the day.

So I am going with the oversized (30 x 20 x 12) nest box which has an egg rollaway area such that eggs roll toward the rear of the nest box beneath a board that makes eggs out of sight (out of mind) to the hens, so hopefully, no egg eating, no going broody because there are a nest full of eggs, no breaking because one hen doesn't want to wait and crowds herself into the box with the hen that just laid an egg, etc.

I really think you have to try what you think will work the best for you, your situation, your chickens, your tolerance for maintainance, and your environment.

Good luck and enjoy the chickens!

I didn't put dividers in my nest box, and they would only lay in the corners. The two corners of the nest box and the corners of the coop.
So in an hour or so I made 3 dividing curtains. They're cute and easy to remove for washing. They allow the girls to have private space so now all the eggs are in the nest box *usually*!
Deb......do you have a pic of the roll-a-way boxes.....one of my egg layers is eating eggs. Great idea!!

Blueberry......one problem with only 1 large egg box......if you do have a broody, she will pull new eggs layed under her each day, I have a silkie who does that, so her last batch she hatched out 8 one day, then 1 or 2 each day for a week. She finally surrendered the rest or her pile to another broody.
One more thing about the dishpans. Find a way to secure them. My girls didn't like them moving when they hopped on the edge. Double sided, heavy duty velcro works.
Maybe I should start a thread (?) but I'd like to see your roll away egg plan... and any other perfect nest box plans/pictures. It's my understanding too, from various research, that although 1 box is good for up to 4 chickens, it's advised to give a box or two more (so they can have their privacy?
) I'm totally open and would appreciate ideas too.... just throwin' it out there... cheers
Thanks for your replies, looks like a 50/50 split on whether to divide or not. I like the roll away idea, & I've got the time to research it further since chicks aren't even here yet! Keeping fingers crossed they come tmrw!!

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