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8 Years
May 24, 2011
Hello, everyone!

My name is KC and I live with my husband, JC, our corgi, Mollie, and our cat, Madeline in Millersburg, PA. We just recently purchased our first home here in the heart of Upper Dauphin County and we're loving it. Our property is small, but living right on the bank of the Susquehanna makes up for it!

We've always been homesteaders at heart, but up until now we haven't had the means to act on any of our plans. After using this past winter to work on the inside of our home, we've moved on to the great outdoors! We started this spring with an adventurous container garden on our large and under-utilized deck since acreage is at a premium and left the rest of our dreams of self-sufficiency on paper for the future.

Chickens are, of course, on our dream list! We had simply assumed that we wouldn't be able to care for even the smallest of flocks on our sliver of land since we knew next to nothing about the proper care and keeping of chickens. How wrong we were!

The more we worked in our garden, the more my heart ached to cross more things off of our list. I kept my thoughts to myself until I received an e-mail from my mother about a co-worker of hers. He'd given her a dozen fresh eggs from his flock and casually mentioned the eggs in his incubator and the extra coop and run in his garage, taking up space and collecting dust. After exchanging a few e-mails with the man myself, I determined that this was simply meant to be!

I took another look at the yard and the HUGE space beneath our poorly-designed deck after coming to this site to read about the basics of keeping chickens. I noted all of the weeds in our small yard and the pile of dirt, leaves, and bugs under the deck. Our yard was starting to look like hen heaven. I consulted our borough to make sure that we'd be allowed to keep chickens before I got my hopes up and took my detailed chicken plan to my husband to beg.

Long story not-so-short, we're on our way to a flock of our own! I look forward to doing more research here on these forums and learning from all of you. You inspire me!

Now, if only we could figure out how to obtain the right breed(s) for us.
take your time read around the forum a bit and I'm sure you will come across the breed that is perfect for you.
from California

Lots of things to research and lots of help here. You can also find other members in your area if you go to the Where am I Where are you section. Lots of PA people here.

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