DIY: Installing computer fan in LG/Little Giant

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    I got a used LG and the more I read, the more I decided I wanted a fan to keep temps more steady (hopefully - just plugged it in to get stabilized!) I looked around and found some posts on how to do it, but no pics and no step-by-step directions. I just figured I'd post what I did and maybe it would help someone out.

    LG Bator
    12VDC Micro Fan from Radio Shack (computer parts section)
    12V or less appliance or cell phone adapter
    Screws that fit into the holes on the micro fan x4
    Nuts that fit the screws x4

    Using wire strippers, cut the non-wall/AC plug off and strip plastic coating off wires at that end. My micro fan didn't have color-coded wires. Connect the two wires of the adapter to the two wires of the fan by twisting the wires together and securing them with electrical tape or electrical wire connectors. You might want to connect one and then plug in the fan and touch the other wires together to make sure you have it connected correctly before you get it fully connected.

    Now your fan should work when plugged in. I mounted my fan on the lid of the LG near the center so it would circulate air uniformly, however I also saw posts of not having air blow directly on eggs. Place the four screws through the holes and place the nuts on the opposite side to hold it at the head end of the screws. Slowly screw the screws into the styrofoam one screw a little bit at a time until it is secure. Although the screws mount the fan, the nuts will hold the fan off the styrofoam because it needs air to pull in and can't sit flush against the lid.

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    Brilliant!!!! [​IMG]

    Thanks for the information...I'm saving this one!!!!

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