DIY Scratch n Peck


7 Years
Jan 12, 2014
Sierra Nevada Foothills, California
I’ve used Scratch n Peck feed to supplement free ranging & scraps for years and am happy with it. I’m not happy with the price though. I’m wondering if anyone has mixed their own grain blend to approximate Scratch n Peck. I know they have a lot of supplemental ingredients but I wonder if that is even eaten—they go for the whole grains & the “dust” gets left uneaten. Evenwhen I soak or ferment, they just eat the grain out of it. Mushy bits have to be dumped. Anyhow, just curious to know if anyone has tried this.
I don't know what's in Scratch and Peck, but I mix about 10% whole oats, 10% barley, 20% peas, 5% black sunflower seeds, 55% wheat and lightly ferment. I add a little veg or cod liver oil just before serving every now and then, and I grow mealworms to give anyone molting or growing every day. They free range all day every day, so like you I view this as supplementing their forage.
Edited to add that it all gets eaten, and the eggs they lay are worth more than I spend on their feed.

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