Do 5 week olds need anything other than starter?


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Jun 9, 2009
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I'm getting very confused the more I read, especially the "illness" section???!!! I have 5 week old chicks in a tractor that I move every day, I put them in their coop section and open the door in the morning, out they go to the caged area. They are on starter and I give them also yogurt with starter every other day (they LOVE it). Do they need anything else to digest grass or bugs they eat out there??? Some have puffy chests, I thought it's just them growing....then I see "impacted crop" posts.... to me they just look like chicken I missing something important??
They should get enough grit from the ground where they catch the bugs and pick the grass. If they appear healthy and happy, you're probably OK. If you are still worried you could put a little grit in there for them. Problems usually come when they are fed those "treats without being exposed to ground where they can get the grit.

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